While on the surface, traditional poker and its live versions might seem like very similar games, but they have distinct differences. There are unique variables found in live poker. These include excessive limping, as well as continuous table talk. The good news is that live games are often easier to win. For this reason, it is definitely worth learning its various nuances. Here are some quick tips to help players increase their chances of ending up on top.

Look Out for Weaker Players and Eliminate Them

Limper is a term for players who call instead of raise constantly. This act, when used to enter the pot, is known as “limping in”. There will be plenty of players limping in during live games. When encountering them, it is a good idea to punish them as much as possible. The same can be said for opponents who are weak during blinds. To increase the chance of winning, they should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Be Ready to Move

One issue to be aware of during live poker is that some tables are softer than others. On occasion, the player may have to change tables at a moments notice. For this reason, players who want to win should be willing and ready to make a change at any time.

Keep the Table Happy

The mood of the table can affect the final outcome. The best players will know the right things to say so that the rest of the table is happy. Players who make a habit of being antagonist may find that the majority of opponents end up turning on them. It is a much better idea to be as civil and respectful as possible. When it is the players turn they should also make quick decisions. This not only pleases others but also allows them to get more hands per hour.