Cage – A place to swap cash for cards, exchange money for cards, and so on. 

Case Money – The Urgent Money

Dead Man’s Hand – The word poker, meaning double blackjack and 8’s blackjack. 

Deuce – The number is ‘2’ when the dice are rolled. 

Dog – The player is considered frail and quick to lose. 

Dog Player – Player bets under the 

Draw – Cards taken from the deck in your lap.

Face Card – This involves J, Q, and K cards. 

Field Bet – The field bet in Craps is a single roll that wins if the dice are 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. 

Fish – The player is losing more money than the players. 

Flat Top – Fixed jackpot bet number. 

Full House – There are 3 cards of the same value but of different suits and 1 set, e.g. 3 blackjack cards and 1 pair of 6 cards.

Hand – The number of cards the player has in his hand. 

Hit – The word blackjack as the player gets another card. 

Hole card – This is where the dealer’s card is face down. 

House – A system of casinos or bookshops. 

House Advantage – This is the difference between the true odds and the value of the payoff. The house has prices for every game, but they’re different. For eg, over line winning craps has a lower house commission than Roulette, so craps bets are better suited to long-term players.

Understanding the word properly allows you to get into the game quickly and comfortably by adjusting to a number of games

Insurance – The dealer’s bid was made to the player when playing Blackjack. If the player’s face card is blackjack, the player may determine whether or not to take the insurance bet. 

Jacks or Better – When you’ve got a better card than J 

Juice – Collection of the House Committee. 

Match Play – The Multiplayer Tournament System. Pair play and game play happens when one of the two players exceeds the appropriate amount of score.

Random Number Generator – also referred to as RNG, a programming program that takes random numbers continuously. From there, the series is created by these numbers as a result of slot machines. These numbers are automatically distributed when you play with slot machines. This decides whether or not you win or fail. 

River – The last hand dealt in a poker game is called River.