Players of online casinos can increase their chances of winning by utilising different strategies. There is a wide range of them to choose from. Here are some of the best ones to try out.

Taking Craps Odds

Many craps players like to place bets such as pass/don’t pass line and come/don’t come. However, there is an even better one in terms of odds. Craps odds are superior when playing in online casinos because there is no house edge. When players win, they end up being paid their true odds.

If players wish to place an odds wager, they first need to bet on either pass or don’t pass. This must be done after the establishment of a point. The player then informs the dealer of their wish to make an odds bet. If they win the payouts speak for themselves.

The Labouchere

This is also known as the cancellation system. Much like the Martingale strategy, it is all about negative progression betting. The difference is that the Labouchere is fair less risky.

Players choose the minimum bet and then decide the amount of units they wish to win in one session. Then they create a string of numbers which add up to this unit. The player can add the first and last numbers, and this will determine what their bet will be. Once a win has been attained, they cross off these numbers. After a loss, the combined number is instead added to the sequence.

Oscar’s Grind

If players want an even more complicated version of the Labouchere, they can try Oscar’s Grind. They start with a betting unit of 1. The unit size remains the same, whether there is a win or a loss. The unit is only increased if a win follows a loss. This will help players to chase their losses.