Some players like to rely solely on luck when playing online games. While this may work, sometimes they can increase their chances by employing certain strategies. There are several that have been tried and tested over the years.

Betting up to 2% of the Bankroll

It is common for players to have a large bankroll but wager only very small bets with it. This is regularly seen not just in online casinos but brick and mortar ones as well. It ensures that players do not risk large sums of money on one game. They can minimise their short term risk. This system can be applied to any casino game.

The Martingale

The Martingale strategy has become a favourite for serious gamblers over the years. There are two main reasons why so many players employ it. The system is straightforward, with an appeal to both experts and novices. It also theoretically results in profit every time. The Martingale strategy involves doubling a bet for every loss. This means that once a win has been achieved, all of the losses will be returned and the player will get a small profit.

Betting on The Banker Hand in Baccarat

Not all tried and tested strategies are as broad. Some are specific to only one game. For instance, in baccarat, bettors will often choose the banker’s hand. This is because the hand has a 1.06% house edge, making it slightly less risky than the player hand or tie hand. If the player employs this strategy every time they will have better overall odds.

Value Betting

Value betting involves attaining the maximum value during situations when the player has a long term advantage. It tends to be used most often in poker and blackjack. For players to employ it, they need to recognise advantageous scenarios. An example could be betting the maximum value when they have the best hand in poker.