In 2020, players will experience a lot of excellent video games on the PC platform.

Project A

Usually, the term “Project A”-Project A is highly appealing in the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. This will be the big name Riot Games introduced to compete with long-standing brands like Overwatch, CS: GO and even PUBG, Apex Legends.

According to what the Riot Games showed, Project A will be shooting gaming with heroes having their own abilities, similar to Overwatch, but allows players to have skills to work with, aim, and techniques to catch the same CS: GO’s challenges. The game is based on Earth in the near future, but it’s not really unusual.

At the same time, NSX has said that they are technically very cautious to have the best experience for low ping players on any server, so the frame rate would be very fast and smooth. The most significant point is that the hacking case can not behave like the ‘broken streak’ of PUBG. 

Project A has not yet had an official launch date, but is scheduled to be on the market in 2020.


The Korean gaming giant Nexon recently released the PC version of the popular online role-playing game V4 (Victory 4). Planned to open the game in the home market next December and not shocking when the international version arrives shortly afterwards.

The PC version of V4 also owns an equally stunning graphics platform, and through some released images, the simulated universe of this game is truly amazing. Every detail, like leaves, leaves, magnificent nature, is as sharp as the natural world, mixing modern light effects is nothing to critique.

In reality, V4 is built on the Unreal Engine 4 platform and is carefully refined, making the in-game picture incredibly easy to grasp.

V4 is scheduled to be published shortly on the foreign market

Actually, the features in the game have not been officially confirmed by Nexon, but V4 will have all the interesting stuff in the top RPG. Sure gamers never run out of work to do, but even if you log in to zip around, it’s still enjoyable!