Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Coming from Korean developer Mantisco, Hunter’s Arena: Legends aims to give players a great deal of experience as the game itself is a mixture of today’s excellent online game features, such as Battle Royale, MOBA and Action Roleplay.

In more information about the game, in Hunter’s Arena: legends with a magic color combined with a hint of a magical world put 60 players in constant battles and only one person can eventually move out. The specific terrains can include mountainous mountains, dense forests, or even rocks, which can have an effect on the player ‘s strategy and fighting style.

Some of the intriguing aspects of the game: incredibly special character types inherited from and influenced by classic MOBA games. From stats to skills, the standard gameplay that players can pursue to win is suggested.

Since it’s a powerful strategy game, Hunter’s Arena: Legends allows players to choose between solo play and team-ups to take down dungeon bosses, although it seems like this feature has only been used in special dungeons.

Black Survival: Eternal Return

The brand-new online game Black Survival: Eternal Return has recently been added to the gamers’ universe by developer Nimble Neuron from Korea. The game is based on the original newer-style Black Survival product, with spectacular 3D anime graphics and the trendy Royal Combat Gameplay.

Black Survival: Eternal Return has action-packed battle mechanics, including a diagonal top-down view in ARPGs that produces a somewhat different atmosphere on the combat screens. Gamers will take part in a variety of top-notch cuts to locate the final survivor. 

Every Black Survival Battle: Eternal Return has 15 participants

In which you can select your own character that holds a special range of skills that carry very different combat abilities. Some people are excellent at melee combat, others are good at fleeing, some fire heavy weapons … Creating a very diverse battlefield, but still a lot of unknown threats.