Centered on a light novel series, this anime game is set in the post-war scenario of a genetic tragedy that has devastated mankind. If tragedy strikes, animals who are turned into monsters are called “Animals” and only girls who have been “O.V.E” can kill these “Creatures.” The role of the player is to pick and grow OVEs to battle against hordes of monsters.

GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E smartphone is carefully invested in character visuals as a title produced by Flero games. The game releases more than 100 + female characters with stunning, shimmering graphics, adorable voices and stories for each character.

Players can upgrade their strength and connect characters. Gameplay requires up to 5 protagonists to be used to orchestrate fights depending on the roles of each O.V.E. GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E owns over 300 + rounds of various incredibly beautiful combat devices.

Final Fate TD

It’s taking place in an anime universe of a plot of a thousand years ago. The Devil Lord, the mastermind behind the tragedy of the Void, was overcome by a coalition of Humans, Demons and Gods. The energies of the Demon King were mixed into three crystals spread around Luna. 

Those extremely powerful crystals have turned many people into devil worshipers. Right now, there was a disaster, heralded by the arrival of many beasts. As the Realm Walker and the guardian of Luna, this is the only chance for the player to save the world!

Players are hiring world-famous heroes in the game

The compositions of the characters are all finely designed in anime form. Around the same time, Live2D’s enabled storytelling gives fresh life to iconic heroes.

Astral Stairways

It builds an Astral Kingdom with a large map where players can adventure and save up to 800 other kingdoms. Not to mention, this anime game puts together all the characters from their game universe over the last 18 years, so players will be able to hire more than 1,400 characters to complete their dream roster.

In order to continually raise the strength of the players, Astral Stairways has also built hundreds of levels to accommodate more additional characters, as well as to obtain energy blocks and resources to carry the squad to a higher level.