If you own a phone device, tablet using the iOS operating system, there are many good games that you can experience even if compared to Android phones, the choice is also a little less.

However, this is not a big problem because today, we will introduce you to the best iOS games that you can download and experience them today.

Sky: Children of the Light

Few games make a great impression like Sky: Children of the Light. This is one of the games with a very good storyline and take you on the best adventure. Your job will be to participate in the search for missing stars in the sky and bring them back to their original position.

The real fun comes from the way you perform quests you work with other players to solve mysteries and explore some truly stunning worlds.

Game IOS Children of the Light


Beautiful artistic design mixed with rich, mellow background music makes Alto’s Odyssey stand out in the ocean of endless running games on the App Store.

You will join Alto, a herder, on your snowboards as you slide down mountain terrain around the world. The game includes a challenging system and lots of unlockable characters, making it fun to download and play them all.

In addition, the Zen mode allows you to fly down the highest and wide highest mountains without losing points when dropped. You can practice your dance moves with beautiful weather and light, mingling with the most relaxing music you’ve ever heard.

Donut County

If you like Katamari Damacy but are looking for a new story (something a bit more meaningful), try the game Donut County. The plot is about bears with an interesting pastime of collecting rubbish.

Game IOS Ddonut County

However, not only will they collect everything they can, thanks to your ability. Collect the things you can because many items can work together nicely.

Try to experience this interesting game, especially for recreation after stressful studying and working hours.