Oceanhorn is the closest thing to a real Zelda game that you can play on your iPhone right now. Although Ocheanhorn is old, this is still one of the best games to play on your iPhone, especially now it has been optimized for the recently released iPhone 11 series.

Game IOS Oceanhorn

With colorful graphics, exciting fighting styles and challenging puzzles, this adventure role-playing game feels like a console game. When you play it with the MFi game controller, it’s easy to forget you’re even playing a mobile game – great.

It has a fairly long story, meaning it will keep you entertained for hours. In addition, this is a universal application, which means you can play this game on a big screen with Apple TV, which is quite unique that Salenhanh wants to recommend for you.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 provides a powerful and fun gaming experience. The game will turn you into a man named James, in a car accident in the middle of the road while trying to get back to his wife Helen, and his daughter, Maggie. Of course, James was immediately attacked by zombies and forced him to run and find ways to destroy them to keep himself safe.

Armed with a shotgun, walkie-talkie and a strong desire to return home, James began running through the zombies and keeping himself alive to return to his family. Although it may be a fairly simple story, the voiceover is surprisingly well done and interesting enough for you to take the time to help this guy meet his wife and daughter.

Reigns – Dynasty

The rulers will crown you a king and then force you to make a decision by swiping left or right similar to what you need to do on Tinder when you love a girl or not. That almost always leads to your immediate death in increasingly interesting ways.

Game IOS Reigns

Doom repeating his life while trying to find a way to lift the curse, you will have to balance the needs of your kingdom with those of your church, army and greed.

A wrong decision will have serious consequences, so think carefully before each decision and do not let greed cover your eyes.